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Lock a subform containing a table after entering data?


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I would like to lock a subform that contains a table after information has been entered into it, but before it is sent to a user to enter data into another subform that contains a table.  Is there a simple solutions?  Please see below picture.


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You would use the normal .access code to disable the subform. By making the code work at the top level of the subform, everything in it will be disabled.


this.resolveNode("mySubForm").access = "protected"; //javascript, you can use readOnly instead of protected, but readonly fields will still be tabbed through.

You need to decide how the code is triggered. Do you want it to execute from a button click, PrePrint, PreSubmit. The same code is needed.

You might want to build in a way to unlock it as well. Create a way to have .access = "enabled";