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Dear Community,

I am a very new user of LiveCycle.

I would like to create a template in LiveCycle 2 where the main structure is a table (two column, on the left the labels, on the right text fields), and I have text fields which should be mutliline, adjust in size to typing and break page if needed.

I can only access LiveCycle2.

I managed to create a multiline text field that break pages if needed (allowed the break pages property and put it in a flowed subform), however when I put this text field (and the parent subform) into a table cell I got the following message:

"This object may not work properly. Although the object is allowed to break, deselecting the Allow Page Breaks Within Content option of the parent object restricts this object from breaking between pages."

When I try to click on the whole table the "allow page breaks" is ticked in. Which parent item might block the subform to break pages? How could I select this item? Maybe it is the row in the table?

Thank you very much!!

Good day!


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