LiveCycle vs Foxit?



I have been learning to use LiveCycle Designer for a year to create forms but the company I work for wants to replace it with Foxit because Google Chrome doesn’t support the pdfs created in LiveCycle. Which software is better, LiveCycle or Foxit?

i have no knowledge of Foxit and like using LiveCycle. Are there things that can be done in LiveCycle that can’t be done in Foxit, or vice versa? I read somewhere that it is not possible for form users to add rows to tables and the form cannot be expanded as information is added, and the data cannot be collecte/read if the form expands in Foxit. Is this correct?

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It is untrue that Chrome doesn't support LiveCycle PDFs. What Chrome may not support is Dynamic PDFs. Chrome should be able to render static PDFs generated from LiveCycle, but keep in mind even more advanced features in LiveCycle, such as scripting, will likely not work in Chrome, as LiveCycle uses a different scripting model than AcroForms.