LiveCycle not allowing limit length to visible area in a table cell



I have a form that contains a flowed subform, set to top to bottom flow direction and allowing page breaks within content. I have a 7 column table, also set to allow page breaks within content, with a header and body row, both set to allow page breaks, and left to right layout rows. In column one (body) I have a button to add instances to grow the table a row at a time, and in column two of the body, I have a button to remove the current instance (row). I have text fields in place in cells 3-7, and in each of these cells I want to "Limit Length to Visible Area", but when I select the choice for each cell, I get the error, "This object is expand to fit. Limit to Visible Area will be ignored. Please turn off expand to fit for this property to take effect." I can see that the table layout height property is set to "Auto-fit", but it is greyed out and I cannot change it. I have looked in the XML Source, but I have been unable to find a solution to this problem. Is the only work-around for this problem to set each individual cell/text-field to limit the length and give a value?

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