Livecycle login page doesn't load



This is a brand new error in a system that's been up and running for over a year.  After our server administrators ran some Windows updates over the weekend, the Livecycle login page will not load, it flickers between the link to the page and a link starting with https://server/lc/system/sling/cqform/defaultlogin.html....

I tried logging on to system from the server itself with the same results.  If I try to log on to the system console, I am presented with a login for the OSGI Administration Console.  The default username/password of admin/admin does not work (this is a UAT deployment and as far as I know those were never changed).  I also tried karaf/karaf and smx/smx just because I found some posts where those were also used, but they didn't work either.  I can log on to the Admin UI just fine.

This is ES4, Version 11.0.0.  Any ideas of what I might need to look for to get this system back up and running?  I have full access to both the Livecycle server and the Laserfiche server it works with.

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Look into <crx-repository>/logs/error.log file for more info. If repository is corrupted, you might need to restore the server to previous working state.