Livecycle Image field upload issue with .tiff/.tif format




I have a requirement to implement image upload in pdf form which im doing with a help of "Image Field" object. I understand for uploading the image we need form to be reader extended(via Adobe Acrobat Pro or LiveCylce Rights Managament).

I am also aware the file formats supported are ".jpg, .png, .gif and .tif". However it accepts .jpeg/.tiff  formats as well.

I am facing issues uploading file with .tif/.tiff formats. Below are the steps explaining the issue.

1. Click on the "Image Field" to upload file(.tif/.tiff formats)

2. Browse window opens and I select file with tif/.tiff format.

3. Image is successfuly uploaded.

4. Now, I decide to replace the image with another tif/.tiff format file.

5. Repeat steps1-2

6. Upon selecting a new image, I still have the first image that was uploaded earlier in my image field.

Step 6 is not what is expected.

I have "Embed image data" selected within designer and have not specified any URL. Is there any known issue regarding .tif/.tiff file formats in LiveCycle? There seems no issue with other file formats. I am using LiveCycle Designer 10.

I also learnt the below from adobe help forums on TIF image format-

"Tagged Image File (TIF)

Designer supports Monochrome (1 color component 1-bit depth), Greyscale (1 color component 8-bit depth), RGB (3 color components 8-bit depth), and Palette (1 color component 1,2,4,8-bit depths) TIF images.

An initial (default) image to insert at run time can be specified by either a file name or a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Initially, the image is linked, which means that it is stored separately from the form and displayed when the form is opened. Alternatively, the image data can be embedded in the form when the form is created."

Any help would be highly appreciated.



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Thanks for your response mouslander.

1-Yes I did try outside of designer - Adobe Reader and acrobat Pro

2-I tried this and yes the image changed. This is not what is expected though

3-Any file upload will have to be less than 200kb according to the requirement. I am writing js to achieve this.

4-I am not creating any file to upload. My user will be uploading an image which is an image of signature. It is not known which format the user may chose to upload. Since adobe allows ".jpg, .png, .gif and .tif" formats its upto the user to chose file with any format. I did try to save the image with .tif format and it doesn seem to help