(Livecycle) How calculate time in extensible table




Sorry for my English. I need help.

I have a problem to find a simple script to calculate the time [HH:MM].

I have a table where the client can add many row.

The last column is for the total time per day.

Here's an example:

MondayPlaceKilo.Total Hours
+  -City1808:35
+  -other city305:05
+  -big city703:15
Totals28 km16:55

My question is how to calculate the big total time if he can add many row.

Thanks i'm very despair.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)




I have tried your solution, but it does not work . I tried to remake a new file with the same table and information. But it still doesn't work.

I'm very nub in java-script, could you please send me your .PDF file so I could look at it?

So to answer to your question, the user put exactly the time he worked.

Example 2h15 (2:15) for the first job and he can add a row to an other job and add example 6h15 (6:15). The total of the day is 8h30 (8:30).

Thank you



I don't know where you're getting the Total Hours from, but if you're having the user type them into a text field, here's a solution that will work. (If not, perhaps you can modify it to match what you need.)