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Hello  I am using LiveCycle ES2 and Windows 7.  I have created a form packet to hid and reveal various pages (each a different form), and when adding information on the form, only a single form is visible.  Because the various forms (8 of them in this packet) are dynamic, some would possibly add multiple pages after the first page. I wish to have a header appear on all pages after the first one. I do not want a header, or even a page count to appear on the first page of the document.   Please note, this is not related to a table. I have added the header information into the Master Page (outside of the content area), however, it appears on every page including the first one. It seems if I add a second Master Page, then add Header information on that page, it does not showup within the document at all. In the header, I also have a page # where the page is counted automatically and I would not want this to show on the first page, (Exclude page 1 from page count)but this is not working correctly either. Is there a solution to this?  I appreciate your input.

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You need two master pages like you've attempted but you need to change a couple of settings. With master pages you have to tell the form which master page to use and when.

On your first master page, on the Master Page palette, set the Restrict Page Occurence to a min and max count of 1.

On the subform that flows to more pages look for the Pagination tab on the Object palette. Under "If Dataset Must Be Paginated" set OverFlow to your second master page.

To fix the page number you need to edit the script on the page count object. There is script on the # (and ## of the "page # of ##" control) - you have to select the number signs themselves to get at the script. Change the script on the second master page from this.rawValue = xfa.layout.page(this); to this.rawValue = xfa.layout.page(this) - 1;