LiveCycle Form - Add Button adding too many rows



I created a form with an add/remove button. When I "preview PDF" in LiveCycle and test the form, it works fine. When I open the form that is saved with extended reader options. It opens up with 4 "rows" instead of just the 1 that I created it with.

Then the user has to remove 4 of the rows if they are not using, which defeats the purpose of the add/remove button and trying to save the end user time.

What should be a 4 page document, is now an 8 page document because of these added rows

I created a table and Subform and have the add/remove buttons within this cell. I have the formula which has worked in all of my other forms with no issue. I have designated The row to have a minimum count of 1 and to repeat row for each data item.

I open the document in Livecycle. It's 4 pages. I save the document. I open the Document in Adobe Pro. It's 4 pages. I SAVE AS OTHER - READER EXTENDED. It's then 8 pages because it's added 4 rows.


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Sounds like a design problem: You either have activated the „repeat subform for each data item“ unnecessarily for subforms that don't need to be reated or you have a wrong setting for data bindings across the form. Can you upload your form?