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LiveCycle Flowable Form with headers/footers


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Hi, I have reviewed the reference material available on Flowable forms, but I still don't understand why I am having problems. The 1st master page on my form only contains one line which has the footer, print page button, and page #. The 2d master page has the header which identifies the 2d page as a continuation page. Both of these are outside the body of the form. The form only has a one page letterhead and below the letterhead is a text input box which is flowable and depending what is entered, it may require 2 or 10 printed pages when it is complete. The 2d page is just a blank page it does not have the letterhead information. Also it is not a table. When I add text in testing this, it flows great, creating a 2d or 3d page etc, as needed. The problem is that this flowed text overwrites the continuation page header and it also will overwrite the footer. I have both the header and footer at the absolute top or bottom edge of the page. The rest of the form starts at points between this. How does the flowable information continue to print over the top of the headers and footers and how can I correct this problem? I have tried to designate the appropriate margins without success. Is there a place to designate the flowable boundries so this does not happen? Also, I did not notice a way which will prevent the end page which contains no flowable text, from being created and printed when it only contains a header and the footer. Would this require a script? Any input will be appreciated.


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