LiveCycle ES4 Designer crashes after splash screen



I am on my fourth corporate HP laptop (EliteBook 850) since December 2018.

Two of the four laptops issued came with serious hardware issues and had to be sent back.

Was able to install LC ES4 Designer on first and third of the four without an issue but not so much with the HP EliteBook 850 .

I uninstalled LC ES4 from previous two working laptops every time when switching to a newly supplied laptop.

I have repaired, uninstalled LC several times (using Administrator Permissions) on the HP 850 with the same result of crashing after the splash screen.

Cannot figure out why it keeps crashing.

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Try to rename the Designer folder under your user account. Designer saves it's settings there. If it is missing, it creates a new folder with the default settings. You'll shoud find it under you users folder such as C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Designer.