Livecycle ES3 Crashing

William_wm 14-06-2017

I have Livecycle ES3 I was working on a form yesterday and tried to edit a text field when the program crashed, now I cannot get it to open the form up with out an immediate crash.

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Hi,  Not sure what to try in that case, do you have a version of the form before the change that started to make it crash.  That is what I thought looking in the %temp% directory might have given you.  I've a number of versions of Designer if you want me to see if it happens in all version, then upload your form to a file sharing site and post a link here.  Regards Bruce

William_wm 20-06-2017

Oh I think there may have been a misunderstanding,  I can open the form just fine but when I try to open it with Livecycle then the program crashes



You might be able to recover an earlier version, if it is still in your temp directory. Every time you preview the PDF in Designer it creates a PDF file in the "%temp%" directory.  You can type %temp% in the address bar of Windows Explorer.  The file will have some random name starting with an underscore like _15k2f22gafeach1u.pdf.

Can you open the form in Acrobat?  If so you might be able to use one of the PDF internal viewers to extract the XFA streams from the file, but that's not trivial each XFA packet is in a different stream.