LiveCycle dynamic form adds too many rows and doesn't save properly




I'm fairly new to LiveCycle Designer.  I've designed a couple of forms that are behaving the same way and I'm curious if someone would mind helping me track down my mistake.

I have a table that I need to be able to add and subtract rows.  If I add a row and fill in the information it looks right.  If I save the form and reopen it the information is gone and there are several rows added that are blank.  How can I fix this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Loren,

That is very strange, and I would say a bug in the binding process.  It seems that the Row1 elements from Table2 are being picked up as part of the binding for the nested table, Table3, which also has a row called Row1.

I changed the Row1 under Table3 to SubRow1 and it seems to work correctly.

I'm not sure how you want the add/delete buttons to work but "this.parent.index" will get you the index of Cell1 (which will always be 1), you might want "this.parent.parent.index".