LiveCycle Digital Signatures - Suppress Saving File

samanthas395331 10-04-2017

I created an interactive  form (using LiveCycle and then saving as a dymamic PDF) that requires at least one digital signature and once signed, the person is required to email it-- the problem is that the person signing receives many of these forms and does not want to have to save each one before signing.  Is there a way to disable this feature?

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j_randy1 22-06-2018

I have, I believe, the same question. I have a document that I need to have multiple signatures to validate training accomplishments. The document I created wants me to save the document after each digital signature. I have another document that I don't have to save each time, just sign each line then save the whole document at the end(but it is PW protected and no one knows who made it).

patpai 06-06-2017

good morning,

Im also in a very simular situation, i have 2 signature fields on the same form that could be signed by same person, is there a way to remove that SAVE AS issue.

I did find some code, but quite cant get that to work.

var oData = xfa.resolveNode("");

xfa.signature.sign(oData, "", "sig1");

i get the save successful for signature, but nothing is captured in the signature field.

I have a signature field, when i click in it, my Entrust provider shows up and i enter my password, after that, i would like to just not get the save as window.

Please help us