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I have created an interactive form in LiveCycle Designer ES2 and added Reader Extensions in AcrobatX. Although the Submit button that I added and designated to send the entire PDF, directed to an email address, works on my desktop in ReaderX via either Outlook or Yahoo, it fails when submitted on my laptop as well other computers tested, both in ReaderX or ReaderXI. Although the appropriate dialogue windows appear asking for the choice of either the default email client or Webmail options, and the process steps through the followup windows, upon completion there is no email generated/received in either my Drafts folder (as indicated in ReaderXI) or the designated Inbox of the designated recipient.

I would appreciate some direction regarding why the success in one computer yet failure in others. Any ideas to trouble shoot this would be appreciated. I have searched for days for a solve with no success.

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I recommend submitting to a server-side script such as PHP or Submissions are sent using Adobe Reader without client-side email software such as OUTLOOK and Web-mail.

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