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I have a button that launches a dynamic url (text field comprised of text and form field values).  When the URL becomes too large it becomes cropped and the site doesn't load.  I'm thinking the button is launching the URL before pulling in the entire rawValue of the field.  Is there any way to have it pause to fill the "buffer" before it attempts to call the URL?

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Yeah it's not a browser limitation.  I could post another way but that would be allot more coding.  If there is no way to remove the acrobat limitation could I concatenate the values to a field (I can do that as that is what I was doing originally) and display a "small" URL/Hyperlink that they can drag and drop into a browser? (I don't want to display a super long URL they have to copy and paste)




Hi, I didn't realise you were meaning such a long URL, I had thought the limit was about 1000 characters but a bit of goggling shows some browsers handle over 2000 characters.  Are you trying to submit some data to the server, maybe a HTTP post would be better.



I've done more research and even changed the way I concatenate the url string.  The creation of the URL is working fine.  It appears when the length of the URL gets to 1052 char it starts truncating.  I read some posts that also said this was happening to them and one post suggested it was related to Fast Web View being turned on.  I turned the feature off but it seemed to have no impact.  If there a limit on how long acrobat URL's can be and if so can it be increased?



Here is the code I have on the click event.

oLink = Table1.Row2.TextField58.rawValue;//Change to name of field containing link

(oLink != "" & oLink != null)

Here is an example (that I edited out some content ) of how the text field looks.

(URL) +Table1.Row1.TextField55.rawValue+"&Sales Rep_Email="+Table1.Row1.TextField56.rawValue+


It works fine for a around 20 to 30 fields but then reaches a limit and crops the URL so it fails.

One other note.  I can copy the value in the text field and paste it into a browser and it works just fine.