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LCDS Edge Server Issue


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We are trying to use the LCDS edge server (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/LiveCycleDataServicesES/3.1/Developing/WS56A7C79B-213F-425d-8D41-2A5391D...) as a Load Balancer to the LCDS app servers and to secure access to app servers. However, we found that the channelSet.login requests are not forwarded to our LCDS app servers behind the edge server. Such requests are terminated on the Edge Server.  Adobe's support hasn't been able to give us a definitive answer of why and how to solve it. So, we just wonder:

1) Has anybody  used this product?

2) How do you solve the channelSet.log request termination issue?

3) What's your impression of this product for Load Balancing and Proxying LCDS channels?

Thanks in advance!

- Hao

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The Edge server will never act as a pass-through for authentication messages. The authentication will be done at the edge server.


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Hi Hao,

How did you solved this issue?

We're facing the same problem! What we want to do: Access LCDS Edge Server from the outside world, we want to authenticate the user  with Active Directory from the company (LCDS has AD Authentication) before any other process can be used.



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What I have learned from Adobe is that: you have to put your own LoginCommand class on both the edge server and your app server.  The edge server is authenticated first, then for the next service request, the LoginCommand on the app server will also be called so that your app server knows who the client is.