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Can we purchase technical support from LCCS?  If not, what are our options, other than this forum, in getting issues resolved?

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Hi Dave,

Which issues are you referring to? In general, I'd suggest the forums are

the most direct line to the engineering team.



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Hi Nigel:

Although I do have a couple of posts on the forum that are still open, my concern is not really referring to these.

What I'm trying to get a feel for is that I'm offering a solution to clients that when there are issues (hope they're not going to be, but..), are there ways to get concentrated assistance, which may be necessitated by urgency from the client.  The only way I see now to get problems resolved are the forum, and, sometimes this can take some time to get to the bottom of things.

Certainly don't expect immediate resolutions from a forum, but, sometimes it's just not the best way to get complicated issues resolved quickly, and, if there are other options, I just need to respond to this question when asked from my customers.