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Hi All,

I just took over the LC project at my work and the pervious employee left abruptly. So there's not much documentation for me to follow for using the workbench. My question is:

- Where is the LC workbench user account located or how is it setup?

I am able to login into the websphere console, LC admin console, and LC form manager. 

I was thinking the login for the LC form manager should work for the workbench but when I try it the login failed to connect to the server.

Also I'm in a test environment and we are using https but our cert is not valid. This is not effecting the login to the websphere console or LC admin console. So I don't think this would effect the workbench login.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I was able to fix my problem so I'm going to share it for incase someone else have the same issue.

Our prod environment is LC ES4 and dev environment is AEM. This is b/c we were working on upgrading to AEM. To connect to the server on our dev we need to switch to the new AEM forms workbench. I was trying to use the LC Workbench which didn't work.

happy programming.

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