LC ES4 form in Adobe Reader DC: "MS Office Outlook does not recognize ","...*



I have a form created in Adobe Live Cycle Designer ES4 with extended rights leveraged in Acrobat Pro 11. The form uses an array to store a number of e-mail addresses. When a user selects a name in another field the e-mail address is ‘subtracted’ from the array and the e-mail is created so that it is sent ‘To’ that individual and cc’d to the remainder of the e-mail addresses in the array. The array format is var ListAddr = new Array("", "",

The whole thing works very well so long as Adobe Reader 11 is used: e-mail addresses appear in Outlook with a semi-colon between the addresses. The e-mail clients used by those completing the form are either Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010.

Eventually users will migrate to Adobe Reader DC so I have been testing the form in Reader DC in advance and am met with the message:

“Microsoft Office Outlook does not recognize “,”…”

A Google search revealed that this issue can be rectified by going to Outlook Tools -> Options -> Preferences -> E-mail options -> Advanced e-mail options and checking the box for “Allow comma as address separator”. Unfortunately doing this makes no difference. The message still appears.

This tends to point the finger at Acrobat Reader DC. Has something changed in how Reader DC handles JavaScript? Do I need Acrobat DC rather than Acrobat Pro 11 to keep my form working? Has anyone any ideas why this might happen?

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