LC Designer 8.2 Dynamic Forms viewing issues



My small company has about 4 dynamic forms created in LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2. The form is filled in-house and then locked down prior to attaching to an email so the client can date, sign, and email back. It was recently discovered that these forms cannot be viewed via an internet browser nor opened on a mobile device. If the end-user saves the PDF attachment to the desktop/laptop first and then opens, the form will display properly in Acrobat Reader.

If I understand what I have read most, if not all, browsers have pulled their plugins to view PDF files; therefore not allowing dynamic PDFs to be viewed. I also learned these forms can be mobile friendly by converting the old file to HTML if the software is upgraded to LiveCycle Designer ES4. Correct? Is it also correct than that we would need some sort of server to host these forms to function properly? I know nothing of how this works. We do have a company website. Is that helpful? As noted, we have 4 forms this effects that are sent out to maybe 75 clients a year. Is it worth our time/money to upgrade? Is there better software to use?

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