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Layers in a dynamic form


Level 1

I am seeking to create a dynamic for - document that has a variety of layers consisting of paragraphs of "tasks". I would like to have this document be flowable and consistent. When one task layer is turned on the text builds for task one in the place holder. When layer 2 is turned on, task 2 starts in the flowable place holder right after.

Is this possible?

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Level 10

Hi, can you knock up some screen shots of what you are trying to do, I can't picture it.


Level 1

I have done something similar (I think) to what you are trying to do. It starts out with one subform filling the whole page with a white background and a password input. If the password is correct, the password subform is hidden and the next subform is visible - the screen now shows the input subform. Once this is complete I hide the input subform and show the main document.

At each task layer you could have the input stored in variables.



Is this was you're asking for?