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Latency issue in Desktop Sharing


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We are planning to develop a conferencing solution using LCCS. I am trying to evaluate the screen/desktop-sharing application. I am experiencing 5-10 seconds latency during the transfer of the screen data to the other end.

I am using the demo application(ScreenShareSubscriber and ScreenSharePublisher), provided in the SDK.

Some more details:
- Current OS is Windows 7 (32 bit).
- I am behind a proxy.
- I am running the applications in India.

- Using Flex builder 4.6 with Flash player 11.1.

- Using the developer account to test the application.

- Can the delay be reduced programatically? If yes, then how?
- The final solution may be used by people distributed across the globe. Is there a possibility that, the latency is affected by your location?
- If the above is true, does Adobe provide cloud services (for commercial applications) that are distributed in different location, to reduce the latency?
- Can proxy server be an issue? We have port 443 open on the proxy server for TSL connections.
- If the above is true, then how can we avoid the issue? The final application may be used in a corporate network and we cannot ask everyone to change their network settings to connect LCCS services.

I have checked some posts on the forum, which say that, the performance is faster on Macs. We are currently not targetting the Mac platform.



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