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Know of any learning resources on how to produce dynamic forms with LC Designer?


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I am looking for learning resources on how to produce dynamic pdf forms, than can expand or show drop-down lists depending on the user's response to a previous question/field.

For instance to a question in which a user needs to respond to a YES/NO answer, if the answer is YES, then new content is revealed, if the answer is NO then user goes to next question.

Any leads and/or resources that may help increase my knowledge with respect to the above, it will greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time to read my query and hope you and help me with a suggestion.

Rocío López-Bretzlaff

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Level 4

Assure Dynamics has an example of how this can work. You can download it here:


They also have posted many, many other examples of things that LiveCycle can do. Good luck.