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I am out of my league here. I was asked to create a web mounted and fillable PDF application form. It has a "submit by email" button.  The idea is that anyone can access the PDF form, fill it out online, hit submit and it be emailed straight to my boss.

I amde one, it is mounted to our library website, and can be filled out. But the button isn't working. When I pull it up locally, the button works, but only through my Outlook do I have success sending it. My boss is getting some attempts at the application through email, but she recieves them empty. We think people are filling it out, not having success with the button, saving it (which in turn clears the form), attatching it to an email, and sending it straight to the library email address. When we get these, they are completely blank. But I did some tests and opened the job application once I have saved it to my computer, filled it out, saved, then emailed, and the info is there. But its too many steps. We need it to be easier. Buttons we like buttons.

Any insight would be extremely helpful. Why isn't what I have made with Adobe LiveCycle working?

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I had similar issues with a form I was doing.  Have you tried saving the form as a "reader optimized PDF".  To do this follow instructions below;

  1. Open form in Adobe Professional
  2. Click File>Save As>Reader Extended PDF>Enable Additional Features
  3. Read the prompt and then select Save Now
  4. Save your file with a name

This should allow all buttons to work properly and the form should have information saved into the fields.