javascript variable not recognized



In a click event I got this code (stripped down to the basics):

var i = 0;

var x = 0;

var y = 0;

var arrayAnswers = new Array;

for (i= 0; i < tableSource._row.count; i++)


    for (x=0; x < arrayAnswers.length; x++)





That works fine with most Adobe Readers.

But the customer has a version that always returns the (German) error message;

Acrobat – Version mit integrierten EScript-Funktionen 11.0 Acrobat SOAP 11.0

GeneralError: Vorgang fehlgeschlagen.

  1. XFAObject.x:2:XFA:Formular1[0]:Seite1[0]:Übertrag[0]:click

Unterschiedliche Argumente im Eigenschaft- oder Funktionsargument

[Translates to: Varying arguments in function argument.]

We resolved this by simply renaming the variables to iInputTab, xOutputTab, yOutputTab

The it also worked at the customer's.

Has anyone ever come across an effect like that?

Any explanations?

I'd love to know what to look out for in the future.

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The code in the click event runs with the this property set to the XFA button object, so a variable reference of x will refer to button.x as in the buttons x position.  I'm a bit surprised this works for anyone, there's a whole lot of XFA reserved names which I have slowly learned to avoid, like desc, id, index, items, name, nodes, parent, value, x, y, ...





Hi there,

at first sight, I would say that you forgot the parentheses when creating the Array

Otherwise.. I have no idea...

I hope this will help!