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Hi All,

I need help with Javascript for a conditional break in LiveCycle Designer ES4.

I have flowed form AttachmentC with Subform01 and Subform02. Within Subform01, I have radio list that either reveals Question2 or keeps Question2 hidden. If Question2 is revealed, Subform02 needs to start at the top of the next page. If Question2 is hidden, Subform02 needs to be on the same page as Subform01. I have identified where in the software to find the conditional break, however, I have no idea how to write the conditional Javascript, nor what “Leader” or “Trailer” mean. Is there anyone out there who can assist me?

Thanks so much!


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"Leaders" and "Trailers" are for adding sub-headings and sub-totals, so doesn't sound like you need to worry about them.  You will have to write the expression that returns true to force a page break, the main thing in your case is to set the To to "Top of Next Page".  So something like;