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issue with setfocus on mandatory fields not filled in


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Good morning everyone,

Im playing this morning with the Setfocus on mandatory fields not filled in yet and it works almost perfectly. Im refering to the option under forms properties-> form validation where you set it to "set focus".

This works great but my issue is that inside my PDF, its split into 2 pages 1 for Eng 1 for Fr language.

When i start my Eng page and fill it in but ommit some required fields, the setfocus goes straight to the appropariate field and gives it focus so my user doesnt have to to look thru all the long page before locating the right field.

But if instead, my Fr page is used first and i do the same, when i do my submit, i get the required field message but NO Automatic focus to the appropriate field.

This is strange, now im testing a bit here and i think it my be because between those to pages, all my fields are set as a GLOBAL FIELDS so that if i enter First name in English, and switch to Fr, i will see the name pop under 'Nom' in French.

Im wondering, if maybe instead of using the SET FOCUS approach available from Adobe, i create (via javascript) my own setfocus on a required field.

So can someone point me in the right direction java code wize or explain maybe why this is not working and what i can do to corect this

Either way, im ok with this.

Thx alot,


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