Issue with populating field from database

scottc79002886 02-02-2015

I am designing a pdf and pulling information from a database into a pdf field. I have two tables in the database and two tables on the pdf. I set one field as text and one as value. When I do this everything works great.

However, I need the initial choice to fill in two boxes not one.

I created a query in access Combo : [Subject] & ":" & [Intervention]

then placed the following code into my pdf

var boundValue = this.boundItem(xfa.event.change);

var valuesArray = boundValue.split(":");

Subject.rawValue = valuesArray[0];

Intervention.rawValue = valuesArray[1];

but only the first sentence of the subject text shows up, and nothing for intervention.


Clients were provided with materials on Physical Wellness. Clients were presented information on the topic in a lecture format. Clients were given information on the topic and outline style notes to fill in the blanks and follow along with lecture. Clients were asked to complete a response sheet after the lesson. They were encouraged to share any thoughts, concerns or questions about the information provided at any time during discussions.


Facilitator reviewed information on Physical Wellness according to the curriculum. Clients were provided with information to help them understand the importance of taking care of their health. After Participating in part 1, clients will be able to: 1) Understand basic information about some major health problems 2) Understand some of the basic treatments for these problems After Participating in part 2, clients will be able to: 1) Recognize the significance of insomnia 2) Understand why it may affect them in early sobriety 3) Practice some basic steps to prevent insomnia.

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