Issue with page breaking in two columns layout.

michal_nowak 24-08-2015

Hi Experts,

my client has a Adobe form which has a two columns layout - there are two sections left and right and each of them can take any amount of space independently - it means that one section can be longer then the other one.

This layout is implemented as table with two columns, and others sections are placed in rows of that table as subforms.

Everything works fine when only one section has too many data and requires page break - in that case both section are moved smoothly to next page.

Issue appears if both of those sections have too many data and then page breaking goes wild, data is being spread on few pages.

Maybe someone experienced such problem before and have a solution for it ?

Any ideas are welcomed .

Kind Regards


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michal_nowak 25-08-2015


I tried two content area approach but I have still issues with achieving expected results, below you will find requested layout:

desrired layout.png

When I used both areas in form with following pagination options for LEFT subform - PLACE: in content area 'LEFT' and OVERFLOW go to content area 'LEFT' and analogously for RIGHT subform, I encountered following issue:

when the left column overflows, the right column is paginated to the next page, leaving the right column on the original (page 2) page empty, whether or not the right column overflows.  Or, if only the right column overflows, it overflows to the left column on the next page, even when the overflow pagination on this content area is specified to overflow to the left content area.

Without overflow settings, if LEFT CA requires pagination then its pending content is being moved to the RIGHT CA, and after that the RIGHT column is being continued I also tried the AFTER option but it didn't bring expected results.



_Sid_ 25-08-2015

Ok, so if you want to evolve your table approach, you can definitely follow the article shared by BR001

Otherwise if you want to play both sides individually, you can go your Master Page in the hierarchy, and create another content area there.

basically your content area is defined by the pink dotted rectangle that you would see in the "master Page" view.

You should already have one default content area, which you can customize to fit like left sided column, and then introduce a new content area to cover the right side.

once both your content areas are defined, then start working on the actual form pages.

Whenever you have to place something on the right or the left hand side, choose the pagination properties of that subform, and pick the content area where you want to place it.

There are other settings in the pagination area as well, which let you govern whether your object should jump to the next page, or stay with the last object in that content area etc...

_Sid_ 24-08-2015

What is your current approach for dividing the page into 2 columns ?

Do you create 2 subforms on the page, and then keep your fields within these subforms ?

If you haven't tried already, you can try to create 2 content areas on the master page itself, that might help with pagination configuration later on.