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Issue importing data from XSD Schema


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I designed a form which binds to an XSD schema.  The original binding went smoothly and the submitted XDP looked as intended when viewed in a LiveCycle recording, however, when attempting to insert that same XDP back into the form it is not merging the majority of the fields.  Oddly, it seems that only fields which fall outside of their normal placement (indicated from $.record.path.to.node ) populate with the proper data, and those which have been bound all the way up ($.fieldName) will not.

The XSD is fairly complex in that it's essentially a "wrapper" xsd which imports two other files.

Has anyone run into this problem in the past?  What was your solution?

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic, I can provide additional details as requested.

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If your binding says $.fieldname, then the parent subforms must be bound to the appropriate nodes as well ...are you parent containers bound?