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is there any way to attach excel insted of XML?


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is there any way to attach excel insted of XML?. i need to fetch the values from the excel sheet directly to the fields in the form.

For Eg:

im having 5 fields named  id,name, DOB,country,citizenship


if i enter the ID, the form should get autopopulate from excel sheet and to display the remaining valus name,dob,country,citizenship.

excel will look like this



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Level 10

Hi ramya,

Your screenshots didn't come through. but in any case you can set up a data connection between your form and Excel spreadsheet.

It is not something that I have done, but you will get lots of help on Stefan Cameron's website on data connections: http://forms.stefcameron.com/.

Please note that if your users are using the free Adobe Reader, then the data connection will only work if the form is Reader enabled with LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2.5, which is a server component of the LC Enterprise Suite.

Hope that helps,



Level 2

Hi Niall,

thanks for the reply, right now im attaching the xml in to the form using javascript. im having 5 fields


my xml looks like this.


what i need to do is, when i enter 001 in EID field, and enter tab, the other fields like name,sbg,sbu,sbe,country should autopopulate from the xml. plz help me..