Is there a way to 'reinitialise' a form...?



Hi All

I have a form that collects user data, as the form is populated manually there are various dynamic tables that can grow / shrink as the user adds / deletes rows. I also have some hidden tables to concatenate text and format it for future processesing. This all works fine as the user builds the form. As per the image below the '+' button on  'Supplier Name' adds a row to the top table and  HIDDENSupplierDESC also adds a matching row for each supplier and concatenates some text. So far so good

Working concat.JPG

My issue is that sometimes users will use an existing form as a basis for their form, update it (adding, amending and deleting fields as appropriate). When this happens I am seeing some strange behaviour Eg image below where only the top row is displayed in the HIDDENSupplierDESC field.

concat FAIL 2jpg.jpg

I suspect this is because the table is not being 'built' as the user adds rows by clicking a '+' button. Is there anyway to force the form to 'reinitialise' in some way and as such to populate / concatenate correctly?

Has anyone any advice please?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi - thanks for your reply

Yes the HIDDENSupplierDESC is hidden and needs to remain as such. I am not sure I follow why the presence makes a difference here? It works fine when the form is filled in from scratch, only when an existing populated form is used as the template and altered do I encounter the issue. How does the presence of the hidden table come into play?

LiveCycle is weird sometimes!


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Hi there,

I am guessing that your row at the bottom HIDDENSupplierDESC is hidden by default.. If yes, you would need to make a loop through all the rows to set their presence back to visible...

You would need to do this each time the instances are created..

If not, there might be something else that would need to be changed to fix this issue..

Hope this help