Interactive forms - is Livecycle the best product? & Reader Extension License problem with trial



Hi - I hope someone can help me.  I need to create some interactive forms that the end user can save and then send back to me with attachments. They need to have fields that can expand, compulsory fields and conditional fields. I have played around with a trial version of Livecycle and see that it appears to be able to do what I need but it is a bit complex and wonder if there is a simpler tool that could achieve this?

One reason I can't confirm that Livecycle is the correct tool is that I am having a problem with my trial of Livecycle  -  I can't work out how i can get the Reader Extension License for the trial - the adobe site says short term tryout licensing is available but not how to access it. Trying to navigate through the various help and contact screens has driven me crazy!!!

Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem - or an alternative product would be much appreciated. Cheers

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