Inserting photos taken on samsung phone into form open in Reader on a MAC?



I have a client who can not insert photos taken with his Samsung phone into a livecycle form open in Reader on his MAC computer. His process is to transfer the photos to his MAC then insert them into the form. The form works perfectly other than that.  Peculiar thing is that when he takes photos while using Palm Tech Inspection Software and then transfers those photos from his phone to his MAC they insert perfectly into the form. Taking all photos through the Palm Tech Software is not an option for the client for various reasons.  The client has tried changing phone camera settings to take the smallest photos possible but that has no effect. Obviously the Palm Tech Software is doing something to format the photos so they are compatible with the livecycle form open on a MAC.  Can I adjust the form to make the photo insertion work with the MAC.  How do I resolve this issue?  I would hate to lose this client and all MAC users as clients.

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lets come to the point you need to adjust the form to make photo insert through your MAC, this is not an big issue you can take help from this channel they'll help you out from this problem, because i'm also avail there services in cheap rates.