Insert image in form - what software?




I'm not sure if I am in the right place to start this discussion - please forward me to the correct place if not.

I have a few questions and have marked them in bold below.

I have Acrobat Professional 8 at work (on a pc at the moment - this may change) and I need to create a form allowing end users the ability to upload an image.

From reading through posts across a few forums I gather that we will need Acrobat LiveCycle for this.

Is this correct?

I think LiveCycle was initially included with Acrobat Pro version 9 and then X. Is that correct?  I am hoping all I need therefore, is an upgrade to Actobat Professional 9 - and won't need to buy seperate LiveCycle software.

Is this correct?

Once I establish what software we need to purchase or upgrade to, I then need to know that some 10,000 applicants can use the form and complete it online as well as upload their photo, then save the completed form and email it back to us. We may then need to extract the images.

Is that all possible?

I am hoping this will work for end users who have any version of Reader, any operating system across any platform (pc/mac etc.)?

Is this the case?

I assume, that as with Acrobat version 8, I will need to create the form and ensure to apply 'enable usage rights in Actobat Reader' so that the form can indeed be saved by the user.

Is this correct?

Many thanks for your assistance in advance.

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Whom do I contact about such licensing issues as an end-user?  I am not too clear on the issue with the last post you provided here.

I still don't understand whether I would need to have Reader Extended installed to participate in a large-scale deployment of forms as a participant (not the form issuer).  I would also like to know, since I am in web development at a school of higher learning, how I would go about deploying a large-scale form such as a survey, especially to users who have Creative Suite with Acrobat installed?  Would they need to install Reader and get the "Extended" extension for it to participate in the survey instead of using their Acrobat software?