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Incorrect PDF generated from TIFF


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I'm using the code below to generate PDF from multipage TIFF file. For some reason, for a specific TIFF with 4 pages, generated PDF has only one page. When I substract or add fifth page to input TIFF, PDF generation is successful.The TIFF file, which causes problems, does not seem to be corrupted and can be opened normally. Am I missing some configuration or doing something wrong? The logs show that the job completed successfully.

I would be grateful for any hint how to solve this problem.


Properties connectionProps = new Properties();

connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_DEFAULT_SOAP_ENDPOINT, "http://localhost:8080");

connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_TRANSPORT_PROTOCOL, ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_SOAP_PROTOCOL);

connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_SERVER_TYPE, "JBoss");

connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_CREDENTIAL_USERNAME, "username");

connectionProps.setProperty(ServiceClientFactoryProperties.DSC_CREDENTIAL_PASSWORD, "password");

File tiffFile = new File("tiffFilePath");

File pdfFile = new File("pdfFilePath");

try (FileInputStream fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(tiffFile);) {

  ServiceClientFactory serviceFactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(connectionProps);

  GeneratePdfServiceClient pdfGenClient = new GeneratePdfServiceClient(serviceFactory);

  Document inDoc = new Document(fileInputStream);

  CreatePDFResult pdfResult = pdfGenClient.createPDF2(inDoc, "TIFF", null, "Standard", "No Security", null, null);

  Document createdDocument = pdfResult.getCreatedDocument();


} catch(IOException | PDFGBaseException e) {



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