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Improve Video Quality


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I am new to Adobe LCCS

I am struggling in improving video and screen share quality.

to improve video quality i have changed the properties bandwidth, fps(0) but i dont know which value will give the better quality.

Please any one help me in this. And suggest me example if possible.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Siva,

In general, if you want the highest quality, you should set fps to something quite high (24 is high), quality to 100 (no compression), and set bandwidth to 0 (meaning, use all available bandwidth).

Looking over the screenshare publisher docs, they’re missing the detail needed... I’m adding this to the backlog. For now, just use the WebcamPublisher as a guide to these settings (they’re roughly the same for both).




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Thanks for the reply Nigel.

Video quality is better now.

But not screen share quality.

1. Screen share quality

I have changed the following properties before publish the screen

bandwidth = 0

fps = 24

Keyframeinterval = 480

enableHFSS = false

performance = 100

but i dint see any quality improvement in screen sharing.

2. And is it possible to fit the shared screen size in available space (with out scroll bars)?

Please help me in this.