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Importing XML Issue


Level 2

I have some questions concerning XML data imported into a PDF created using LiveCycle if anyone is able to answer them for me please.

I have a 132Mb EXCEL file of data which when exported to an XML file via the XML data mapping facility is producing an XML file of 592Mb in size. When I try and import this XML file into the PDF using Acrobat it stops responding and eventually I receive an error message stating:

The exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) occurred in the application at location 0x7310d6fd

Can anyone shed any light onto what might be causing the issues, during testing phase we tested with much less sample data and this all worked fine so I know the data and data structure itself work fine.

Other questions I have around this:

1. In terms of the XML file imported into the PDF, is there a limit to the size of this, or is there a maximum workable size limit?

2. If I imported a 500Mb XML file into a PDF would the resulting PDF also be around 500Mb in size

3. What process does Adobe Acrobat perform when importing the XML file into the PDF

Thanks in advance.

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Level 7

I am not an expert on this topic however I have done the conversion from Excel to XML and the file size should not be increasing to that degree. I suspicion is that the file is not being properly converted and when Acrobat attempts to import it, the software crashes. Have you tried to open this file in an XML viewer? I use XML Notepad which I think is free. Also have you tried this with a smaller file to see if that works. Again my suspicion without seeing the file is that the XML output is somehow bad.


Level 1

I have the same issue : when importing an xml file of more than 300kB, acrobat reader or acrobat pro crash.

I wonder if it is an issue of number of pages that are created by importing so much data or simply the process of reading a big xml file...

Mouslander, did you find a solution for this?