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importing previously exported data (from local file)


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After having searched to no end I still cannot find the answer to my question....

Our current environment is an SAP and FLM system (forms livecycle management) using livecycle designer for design and all users on at least reader 9.

I would like to know if it is possible for a user to fill in a form and save the entered data (to a local file) so the following week they can then open latest version of the PDF (requested from the FLM portal to be either completed online (portal) or offline (email)) they would then import the data, make any minor updates and submit. The forms should have reader extensions applied but as yet unsure of the exact settings (if any) as this happens automatically within FLM. The form shouldn’t change in future, more than some additional validation, but allow form numbers and versions within FLM to be better maintained. Plus to ensure users do not keep or use outdated forms.

From my understanding there are 2 ways to import data, either folder level javascript or via certifying the form. For our setup folder level scripts are a non-starter as would have no way to maintain these on every PC (far to many) so that leave us with certifying forms....from the limited information I have found on this it appears that the certification may break when importing data, have very very basically tested this and appears to be true.

So the last thought was if I can import data programmatically via javascript and fill fields in etc would this still have the same affect of breaking certification?

Appreciate any advice

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