Importing an existing PDF to a existing Lifecycle form



I have created a form with expandable form fields in lifecycle.  I would like to add the instruction pages in front of the form to create one form which includes instructions and the fillable form.  The instruction pages are already PDFs.  Is there away to insert the PDFs into my existing form?

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You can keep the instructional pages intact, but you're going to need to add an extra (blank page) to the PDF in Acrobat before importing it into LiveCycle. You will open your PDF as a fixed layout design aka Foreground-XFA. Note the some features will be disabled when using this method.



As radzmar mentioned...if the instruction page wasn't created in LiveCycle Designer, you will either have to recreate it from scratch in Designer as the first page, or convert the static PDF to an image file, create a new page in Designer, add an image field, then import the PDF saved as an image. Remember to check the "embed option".

NOTE: When importing as an image, you will not get the same quality since you're dealing with image pixels vs vector lines/text...also, the file size is likely to increase. Thus, do yourself a favor and just recreate the in Designer which will be beneficial for future edits.