Import Options dialogue box completely absent



     I've been attempting to edit a previously created interactive PDF in LiveCycle ES2 with no success (several objects in the object library are grayed out and unusable). The solution to this, according the the Adobe help site, is to select File>New>Import a PDF Document, and then create an Interactive Form with a Flowable Layout by selecting those options in the Import Options dialogue box which supposedly opens after you select and open the PDF.

     However, no such dialogue box appears for me at any point. I open the New Form Assistant, select Import a PDF Document, select my interactive PDF and hit Open, but then my only options are Back, Cancel, and Finish, and Finish does not bring up an additional dialogue box.

     Am I missing something obvious? I've been wracking my brain and the internet trying to find out what the issue is, but it seems no-one else has had this problem.


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