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Images added disappear


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I am new to adobe livecycle but with your help and youtube I have been able to create what I needed.

I created a Form in Adobe Livecycle and everything works as it should but when I start adding photos I have a problem

Little description or explanation

Created button that adds 3 Photo Fields at a time and pushes everything down  (Flowed page with page break)

Now my problem is that when I start adding fields and and the photos to them, for no specific reason the photos disappear and I press Save just so I don't lose 17 other pages of text and I already did but when I close the form and re open everything is back to the original form with non of the text or photos.

It has happened quite a few times and I don't know what to do...

if any other information is needed please let me know I will answer as best I can

Thank in advance

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It sounds that you don't use any binding for your text fields nor image fields.

Ensure you select at least binding by name in the binding palette for each object you want to save data.

Adobe LiveCycle ES3 * Data Binding (Options dialog box)


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this is what I have done.

When I am filling up the form I start adding the photos with no problems but when I get to lets say 4 or 5 pages of photos some times all of the photos get erased and I cant save my work so I have to start over...

I don't know If I am explaining it in the correct way....