imagefield not always showing the selected image



I have a pdf form (static XFA form) with some imagefields, where the user can browse and insert some images (jpeg).

But some of our customers have reported, that some images don't work, means, the imagefield keeps blank / empty.

I'm able to reproduce this with some images.

But when i open these Images e.g. with IrfanView and save it again, then the newly saved Images are working without problem.

Is there a known problem with some internal jpeg compression or something else?

I have this problem in Acrobat Reader XI and also with the newest Acrobat Reader DC 2015.

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The images you having this problem have either more than 8Bit color depth or using CMYK-colors instead of RGB.

The imgage fied does only support 8BIt RGB images (gif, png, jpeg).



I have jpg files with 32bit color depth and they are working !!

But I tried also a CMYK jpg file and it doesn't work, so this might be the problem !!

How can I check the original file from our customer, if it uses CMYK color mode?

(on Windows, without InDesign, Photoshop....)