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Please help.  I am new to LiveCycle Designer.

I am trying to include my company logo in the header on the master page of my template.  No matter what type of image file I use the image is blurry/pixelated.  I have tried jpg, png, gif, and tif.  I have selected sizing of use original size and scale image proportionally, and that does not make a difference.  When I open these files in their native software or in Word the images are clear and crisp.

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I have used the following image files with the results noted.

tif - 32bit, 300 dpi, 1811x877 pixels - will not even display, I think it is too large

tif - 24bit, 300 dpi, 359x174 pixels - best quality, but still fuzzy around curves

jpg - 24bit, 96 dpi, 359x174 pixels - worst quality of all images

png - 24bit, 359x174 pixels - fuzzy around curves

gif - 8bit, 359x174 pixels - fuzzy around curves