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If/Then Calculation Script


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I am having issues getting a calculation script written, so if anyone could help me out i would be much obliged.

What i have thus far is:

$ = ((SOWEDW1.rawValue)*2) + ((SOTHURSW1.rawValue)*2) + ((SOFRIW1.rawValue)*2) + ((SOSATW1.rawValue)*2) + ((SOSUNW1.rawValue)*2) + ((SOMONW1.rawValue)*2) + ((SOTUESW1.rawValue)*2)

This is completing the desired effect which is the Total is = to the value of all hours worked multiplied by 2($).

The way our system works is 1 hour on call = 2$, if you are on call for all 24 hours then you make an extra 2$ equaling 50$.

What i need is an if/then statement that says if any of those above values (SOWEDW1.rawValue, SOTHURSW1 etc.) have a user input value of 24, then the resulting $ for that day is 50$.

Im really just not sure where to go from here.

Thanks in advance.

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