Identify Windows Version with Javascript?

Brian3_14 12-04-2015

Hi all:

app.platform will get us the operating system.  Is there javascript to take it one step further and determine the version - ie Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1?



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Brian3_14 21-04-2015

Copy that and thanks.

And I thought the width and height elements of a static text object HAD to be defined for it to exist?

In my case, some static text objects are multiple lines.  Rather than use separate static text elements (spacing between the elements is too large) I was using \n to force another line.  Doing this, however, forced me to define (and increase) the height of the element so both lines are visible.

Would you recommend something different?

I experimented with "multiline: true" but always had two issues with it:

  • It sets the focus to the multiline field, turning it blue (can you set focus to a button instead when the dialog opens?);
  • The mulitline default seems to be to show the end of the message, rather than starting with the top of the message.  Seems odd as the natural flow is to read and then scroll down, if necessary.  Unless there's a way to modify it, the default seems to be: scroll up to the top, then read, then scroll back down.

Thanks as always,


George_Johnson 20-04-2015

I haven't been able to do more in-depth testing that I wanted to. Maybe later this week. The thing with custom dialog boxes is you have to anticipate layout changes or differences with changes in screen resolution, operating system, and version of Acrobat/Reader. Unless there's a good reason, I try not to set the width/height of elements.

Brian3_14 20-04-2015

Hi George:

Just checking to see if you had any luck with those dialog box images being pixelated in DC and any possible work around.

Had a thought about it, too.  If you look at those images from my other post (Acrobat Reader DC - Bug with Dialog Boxes Containing Images?), the entire dialog box itself seems to be larger in length/width in DC.  Could DC be increasing the scale the entire dialog box somehow?

I also noticed that the height of static text lines sometimes needs to be adjusted for DC.  For example, I had static text lines with a height of 15px - which worked fine on pre-DC versions of Acrobat/Reader (the text was fully visible, nothing chopped off). But with DC, the bottom of the individual characters are being cut-off --- most noticeable with lower case letters such as "g," "j," "p,", etc.  

It's as if the height of the letters is being increased by DC but the height parameter for the static text line within the dialog is the same --- which would explain why the bottoms of letters are being chopped off.


Thanks and best,


Brian3_14 12-04-2015

No bug report submitted yet. Still a newbie at all this so wanted to confer/confirm with others before reporting something.

Thanks again for the reply and checking/testing.  Sad that images are all going to be blurry. =(


George_Johnson 12-04-2015

I saw your previous post about that. Have you submitted a bug report? I'll do some testing to see if I can come up with something more helpful.

Brian3_14 12-04-2015


Not what I was hoping to hear but thanks so much for the reply.

I asked because there's pixelation happening to images in custom dialogs when opened using  Reader DC on Windows 8.1.  Doesn't look like it's happening on 7 or MAC.

Any thoughts or suggestions?