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I think I'm confused about "Hosts" and audio...


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I've been having a heck of a time getting the audio pub/sub to work, so I built the audio demo.

It says in the code that the person running the demo can't hear the audio, but I head it lout and clear. Then I noticed that in the RoomConsole, there is always a host listed.

Why is there always a host listed in the room console? Is the phantom host in the room the one that can't hear the audio?

When I turn off the loopback on the mic, then the sound goes away, but when I try and listen to the stream via the room console, I can't hear it there either.

Any insight would be great.


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If you log in to roomConsole, it will take into account a host user. Since you login to the room in the roomconsole using your credentials, it takes an extra host.

But this has nothing to do regarding hearing your own audio unless you have started your audio from roomconsole also.

The person sending his own audio shouldn't hear it. Can you just try with the Audio example provided in the examples and open just one instance, start your audio and verify that you don't hear. Users have been using this feature so I am quite sure there is something wrong in code. You can send your small test code also to us in case you still hear your own audio.

If you are linking to source , you can also put a breakpoint in AudioSubscriber's playStream function. This function shouldn't get executed for the person sending his own stream.


Hironmay Basu


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I'm using the audio.mxml file included in the SDK and linking it to the Flash10 swc.

And when I run it, I definately hear my own audio.


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Ok, I ran it again, and now I don't hear my own audio. I'm guessing that the RoomConsole was subscribed to the stream and that's why I was hearing it.