I still can't get an expandable text field working in LifeCycle.... Please Help.








I have worked through several of the questions and answers and have tried to follow but they still dont work. Could I ask if someone could look at my form, fix it for me and then I would be able to see what they done? Its a lot to ask but it would be so much simpler than someone saying do this and then I miss to do something.

I could send a pdf form that has two  "need to be expandable". In Acrobat XI.  Once I see how you did it, I could work on the rest that I have to do.

What I have noticed so far is.

1. I open a PDF form (2 page) in Lifecycle and change it to an interactive with flowable layout

2.I click on the text field object I want to change and select multi-line and then wrap it in a flowable subform. This starts at start of page 2. I have tried adding all the rest of fields etc to this subform but it doesnt work.

3. If I try selecting ALl and wrapping in a subform and make it flowable....it inserts everything on page 1.

Someone really needs to see my form. I think my problem is....it still tries to lock everything into the named pages.

Again, asking for a lot but any help would be fantastic.

I have watched videos on this

I have read some great replies to others with same problem   BUT it just wont work.

email me: xnowman@yahoo.ca and I can send the actual form. I have worked for MANY days on this and am done in.

thanks for any help.


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