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I Need help wrapping an expandable text field to the next page, while pushing a subforum beneath it


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Hi, I hope I can get some help with this form that I am desperately trying to finish.

I am unable to get an expandable text field to recognize both 1.) the positioned subforum underneath and 2.) the page break. I'll attach the file if it helps get an understanding of what I mean, and maybe someone can see what I did to royally screw it up. The area of the form in question is on page 4 of the attached document. I want the user to be able to write as much as they need in the summary section, and still fill out the last section afterwards.

If more info is needed, let me know and I will do my best to describe what I did. My last solution I tried, before giving up, was to wrap the previous section, as well as the next section of the expandable text field, into its own subforum. Then, I nested the subforums together in another subforum.

Thanks in advance.


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Make sure your expandable field and your position subform are wrapped in a flowed subform. Unfortunately I can't access your example form (work internet).



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Just try to see that both Page and subform are both in a flowed layout with direction-Top to Bottom. Also make sure the below checkboxes of the field is checked:

1. Allow multiple lines

2. Allow page breaks within content




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Thanks for the info, both of you. I have both of those set properly, but there's something I'm still missing to get it to work right.

Is there a way to attach the PDF in question, without linking it to a website, which is what I did previously? Maybe if someone can open the document, it'll be clearer what I should be doing.




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email to me at pbeef2000@yahoo.com and I'll take a look.  I'm assuming it's the comments box?


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In case anyone sifting through forums, looking for the answer to this question, needs the answer: paulk07 was able to fix my document by unwrapping all of the subforms on the last page and then wrapping it in only 3 subforms (2 positioned/1 flowed) and then set the page to flow.

From there, I set the margins so when the sectioned wrapped to a new page, it didn't end/begin at the edge of the page.

Thanks again paulk07